I started dating at the age of 20. One would ask why I took long but I purposed never to date throughout my high school. All I wanted was to concentrate on my studies. I was very successful and guess what! Someone stepped into my single life. It was a bit confusing and I could not understand this feeling, it was strong I should say. You cannot imagine the excitement that filled my heart, my fantasies were so strong. It was one of the best things that ever occurred to me. Love had crossed my path, it was amazing!

Six months down the road, we were a dream couple. It was a long distance relationship, but we kept in touch. Communication was great. I knew I had a boyfriend for a husband. I must have been the proudest lady on earth. I thought I had gotten myself the father of my kids. My prince charming so to say. Little did I know that I was dreaming. Things started changing. He stopped calling. Because of the too much love I had, I kept calm and hopeful. His phone was off. My heart ached for weeks. So I decided to go to his friend to find out what happened. He kept me strong but I could not take it anymore. Where was he? My love! My one and only! Is he fine? I wondered. May be something bad happened to him. I never thought of him doing anything bad like cheating. All I was concerned about was his wellbeing.

My love struck heart could not settle. It pained profusely.  Now I had to take action. Going to his university was the craziest idea that crossed my mind. Remember his phone was off. He spent less time at his hostel. And I literally knew nothing about his university. The search for the one I loved started. I started with his hostel, he was not there. I then headed to the university, on my way, I met one of the students whom I told I was looking for my boyfriend, by then I was in first year at Makerere University. She was shocked. She had never met a crazy person like me. I did not care though. I was just a little girl in love.

She did not know him. She directed me to the law school. He was doing law. No sooner had I started moving than I saw the one I was dying to see.  The one who troubled my heart.  He looked at me in shock. He could not believe who he was seeing. I hugged him before he could say anything. His heart throbbed. He was literally stagnant, but I did not care. What mattered was that I had seen him. I concentrated on feeling his chest. My heart’s wounds heeled immediately.  For a while I stopped feeling my heart. I was in paradise for some time; I realized later that I was on earth when he finally asked me if it was really me. He was taken aback. He could not believe his eyes up to now. But I was there! Right in front of him. We walked down to his hostel quietly. All I could do was smile endlessly. On reaching the room, I asked why his phone had been off, and shockingly his phone had been stolen. I was really sorry. I wished I could lend him mine for a while but it was impossible.

We had a great time and he later pushed me to pick a taxi back home. I was full of smiles the whole time. My eyes were radiant. And I had one of the most peaceful nights ever. He endeavored to get another phone and our communication was back to normal. We communicated love, ate love cried, slept, and talked love. Love was our language. It was our signature, not until the time things fell apart. All that we had built collapsed. All the memories faded. How terrible it was for me! Sorrow filled my heart, but I had to pick up my broken pieces and move on.