In an attempt to conceal their evil act of “racism” Donald trump paved way for the revival of this evil that claimed the lives of many Africans years ago. We understand that a number of laws against racism were put in place, but this did not curb this evil among the white people. some of these  laws included Civil Rights Act of 1964, Equal Credit Opportunity Act.


Trump’s opposition to illegal immigration and various free trade agreements has unveiled the pretence of the white race. This can be seen when this campaign earned  support “especially among the white voters” what picture does this portray to the black race? Of course it is evident that whites have not yet accepted the black race wholly. All they do is to pretend and when candidates like such come out and utter these statements then racism is put in the spot light.


Trade agreements such as the African growth and opportunity act which was signed by president Clinton in may 2000, with the objective of expanding USA trade and investment with the subsaharan Africa, to “stimulate economic growth” which I could call “economic theft” aim at enriching themselves. Trump with his controversial statements would definitely let America down. First he doesn’t stick to his word and still, which kind of leader aims at disuniting the citizens (blacks and whites) of his country because sincerely speaking America has a mixture of races .

There is no way it can survive with only whites.


Most of trump’s statements concerning illegal immigration and security strongly point to racism. No wonder some main stream commentators and other prominent republicans have viewed him appealing to racism which he highly denies.This can be drawn back to our own country Uganda where leaders are promoting tribalism and nepotism. This can be seen in big offices where the biggest percentage of a “certain tribe” occupies these positions. (this is an emphasis on discrimination)


Well, given the fact that I am a lady, it would be very exciting to have a woman president regardless of the country she represents , since few ladies have taken on the positions of presidency. Hillary Clinton is a democrat ,and since the current US president barrack Obama is a democrat too he has been there to support her. We have heard her claim of Donald trumps effort to divide “US” ( Ameicans) from the rest of the world and from each other.


This is true because Trump’s characterization of many illegal migrants travelling over the Mexican border into the united states as “ criminals and drug dealers and rapists, including a temporary burn on foreign muslims entering the US . Such a statement is capable of disuniting people and hindering trade and economic development all over the world which could lead to an economic depression.


Still we can pose a question and ask ourselves if this is not masquerading as peace makers as Clinton claims. We have seen these American presidents disguising as helpers yet in actual sense they are stealing “our resources”  The democrats’ support of homosexuality too disturbs me. Will Clinton be different?


Has she even talked about stopping the promotion of homosexuality in countries whose cultural values are against it? Or we are just excited bout the fourth coming world’s  super power’s (America) elections? Therefore being a democrat or a replican doesn’t  make a difference because all these suppress the “black race” I call republicanism and democratization strategies of ensuring that the blacks never thrive. What they call free is never free in actual sense. We exchange our gold and diamonds for chemicals that are destroying our nations through pollution and the like .


America donates money to “ensure that we drill our oil” but at the end of the day all our profits are repatriated since we employ them, buy equipment from them and still oil is exported to their countries.
Any way this is a lesson to all of us (especially third world countries) because nothing can be acquired on a silver plate and not all that gliters is gold. Therefore taking a critical and a deeper understanding of the speeches given by America’s presidential candidates will help us uncover all their dirty secrets. That is why at such a time when the world’s super power is in the electoral process it is important for all of us to be critical because that is the only way we shall uncover most of  their dirty secrets.