The return of the opposition strong hold from the United States of America has woken up the sleeping dogs “police.”  The backing dog that many have referred to as their “president” was arrested once again by our very own police that disguised as the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).Dr.  Kizza Besigye’s darlings will argue that this is a violation of his rights. This in one way or another is true since chapter 4(29)2a of the Ugandan constitution provides for free movement. Besigye is very chaotic therefore if he is not restrained he can be a threat to this nation. Let’s imagine what Besigye would do if he had been left to move freely from Entebbe  airport to his home.

His chaotic character would not only have caused traffic jam in the city, but also put a halt to people’s businesses. Giving him a chance to move freely would give him the audacity to call his crowds and campaign or emphasize the fact that he is the only “capable president” and how Museveni stole votes. It could be true but realistically this can’t be reversed.  Besigye would ensure that the entire country gets to know about his return. His supporters would be causing more chaos than ever.

The whole city would be in a mess. All shops would be closed and one wonders if this is the kind of leader that would develop our country. The funny thing is that his supporters suffer more. Some reach an extent of getting caned by the police an incident that occurred on 12th July.  The police under the instructions of Kayihura claimed that these beatings were a substitute for tear gas .The Inspector General of Police; Kale Kayihura without shame comfortably defended the action of his officers. It is so sad that our leaders are turning out to be monsters that are disguising as human beings.

People are yearning for Besigye, they see a charismatic leader, but psychologically all he has gone through would be reflected in his leadership. All the disappointments of losing out on the 2016 elections where he expected to beat Museveni, the teargas and his arrest after an accusation of committing treason on 20th May 2016. Therefore given a chance to become president of this nation, DR Kizza Besigye would revenge. This would cost the nation. There is no day revenge has ever been a success. All those that are in the ruling party would be in for it. The kayihuras and the rest would be “castrated” not after all they have done to him.

That is why an option of fresh blood would be better. There is need for this nation to change its leadership direction. Let people stop directing their efforts and hopes to these “bazilwanako.” They have gone through a lot. Therefore when they get a chance of getting into power; all they do is to cover up for what they lost. All the promises they give during their campaigns are not fulfilled. Their theme is “For God and my stomach.” Instead for catering for those that voted them into power.  They promote tribalism and nepotism.

These candidates that faced war think that they know it all. They claim to bring peace yet public services such as hospitals, schools, and roads are in a sorry state. They are not different. Their aim is to steal from this nation and leave others suffering. We need a new generation of leaders. A generation that has no attachments war attachments. Apparently all we call capable leaders are hypocrites. This nation deserves much better than “war ninjas.”