Yesterday, I happened to interact with a gentle man whose name I do not remember and he asked me one important question that I had actually never thought of. This is how the conversation went. “You say you love the media but imagine if someone trashed you and they made you feel like you know completely nothing and you are absolutely incapable of doing what you think you are passion about what would you do?” The unknown guy asked. I  replied. “I do not think that there is anyone who can put me down as far as what I am passionate about is concerned.” My dear I have experienced this, there is that person who will make yo feel like you are nothing. And at the end of the day you can lose it all but what makes you stand up again and you keep pursuing your dream? I had never thought of it. I was honest with him. He later told me that the media is one complicated field, they will use you and when they get someone better you will be replaced. It will be very devastation for you. You will  be so discouraged. Your spirit shall be down. You will hate yourself, but the only thing that will make you stand up again will be learning how to EMBRACE REJECTION. Expect rejection at one point in life , when you do this no one will shake you. And you will always stand up to many challenges . This will make you better.