I have not been a fun of MTN almost all my life and for all my friends that have been only on this network have been a little annoying. But what to do?  Nothing because we did not bond just because of a certain network, it was because of many reasons, with love being the most outstanding. So I wanted to join MTN on a number of occasions for easy communication since it is cheaper that way than AIRTEL to MTN calls. That is damn expensive; I mean I am just a student who is always looking out for prepaid calls and all offers on a network which unfortunately work when using the same networks.

At first I wanted to buy a line because of my friend Cissy who was rare on WhatsApp and I really needed to communicate with her on several occasions, but for some reason I got lazy and somehow I was disinterested in the network. For the rest of my click #FF all was sorted with WhatsApp at least it is not limited to a particular network so chatting was simple.

As you all know the power of love. I think I should call this an infatuation. I finally dragged my legs to an MTN shop in Wandegeya, very determined to get an MTN  line because my new catch by then had only an MTN line and I wanted us to communicate every day .I didn’t like using WhatsApp only. I wanted to listen to his voice at least every day by then when I was still on “kasigiri” of love before all fell apart and I am glad it did. Well it is not time for emotions now but rather time for my darling MTN. Unlike AIRTEL which I am not against.

Why would I be yet apparently they regard me as their high valued customer. I learnt of that when I had gone to swap my line, whose cheapest prepaid calls cost 500shs, MTN’s cheapest was at 250shs. Ohw what a surprise for me! I was so delighted. This was pakapaka. I loved it. So my 500shs airtime gave me 10 mins of pakapaka at only 400shs compared to AIRTEL’s 6mins of kawa at 500shs. Communicating to my then sweetheart was made simple and it gave me ample time to express all my love. Trust me 10mins were enough for me.

Now another thing that is exciting is this, apparently MTN gives me 20mbs at midnight. So whether I have money for data bundles or not I can still be online. Since I spend more time at campus I am always connected to Wi-Fi and in the night MTN gives me data. Isn’t that incredible? So why in the world should I fail to eat because I am worried about data bundles to load? I worry no more! I am sorted! I heard lots of bad things about MTN but I think I care no more. I am in love! Of course with MTN. Our love is still young and fresh