Love Struck Heart
My heart bleeds with love.

I just want to tell you what hurts  me

Because I believe you will not judge me.

It scares me that I have failed to truly love again.

The fire of love in me for someone else dies in a short period of time,

Then I realize that the chemistry was never real.

I am vulnerable before you.

 I can do anything for you.

My love for you has turned me into a nuisance.

I love you too much to just let you go.

You hurt me more than anyone.

 You are the most annoying person in my life.

You have done all that could make me hate you

Yet I keep  loving you more and more.

Everyone that hurts you hurts me too.

You have remained stuck in my heart.

I have tried to lock you out

But you have failed to leave.

My heart cries silently everyday

Because of this love I  have failed to conquer.

I cant do this on my own.

 I can’t pretend not to love you.

I keep praying that one day I will get over you,

Although I am afraid of  losing you.

I want you to be mine forever.

Look at you everyday.

Kiss you goodnight,

Caress you endlessly,

Tell you how much I love you and support you in everything that you do.

My love struck heart aches everyday

Because I am loving the total opposite of me.

I defend you in whichever aspect of life.

I do not want any one to harm you.

You are a treasure I cant easily abandon.

I have grown to love you deeply no matter what!

But this costs me my happiness.

You have all my attention, love and care.

You have succeeded in robbing me of my heart.

I love you even when you are so hurting.

I love you with all my broken pieces

And wounds that you have caused me.

This pain that you have caused me is indescribable.

It pierces through my heart

To the point of killing me.

Smiling helps me contain the pain

Although it shutters my heart at one point.

I cant wait for the day all this pain will be over!