They deserve a good life

I happened to watch BBC’s world’s worst place to be disabled. It was incredible but the findings were sickening. This lady traveled to Ghana to find out how persons with disabilities are treated. These people are attacked in the night.  There is no security for them. The most heart breaking thing is that these people are killed.

According to the spiritual leaders in Ghana, the disabled are cursed and they need to be taken back to where they came from. Literally this is murder. Are these people deranged or something? They are lunatics I should say! I felt a pain pierce through my heart as I watched the amazing documentary that brought out the evils done to the disabled people. And what was funny is that the government of Ghana had done so little to help the disabled people.

They are aware of what is happening in their country but little or nothing is being done to help these people that I personally find very useful in our society because I believe that disability is not inability. One of the guys was actually blaming it on the disabled people who he claims have also played a huge part in not helping themselves, he meant that these people have failed to fight for their rights. Alright, let me ask, do you really think it is first of all easy to accept being born disabled? So from the very day you start recognizing that you are different from the rest, if you do not have anyone to keep you strong and positive then you are bound to lose your esteem.

Even those that try to accept their condition and they believe that they can do something society discourages them. We can see what society could call the high class jobs, how many brilliant and educated disabled have been given opportunities to get such jobs? It is so sad that we are playing a big role in making these people feel inferior and we have turned the tables against them. This is not only in Ghana but also in other parts of the world . Because you were born “normal” for lack of a better word. It does not make you better than the disabled person.

If you do not have anything to give them it is okay but do not disrespect them. They are also human. I am soon finding out what the government of Uganda has done to help the disabled persons. I am positive that they have not done much given their failures in all aspects of life. Anyways I will do the research so that I can give credible and objective information. Apparently I am just giving an opinion and I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Catch you then when I unveil the DARK ACTS DONE TO THE DISABLED IN UGANDA.