If the person who introduced you to love went silent after nine months of your relationship. You had such amazing moments and as far as you remember all was well. At least there was no misunderstanding between the two of you but he just woke up one day and went silent. And when you tried calling him he never picked up and on using a different number he picked and on hearing your voice he cuts you off?

If the guy you thought came in your life to redeem you turned out to be the real crap! He pretends to be busy, he flirts with another girl in your presence and he abandons you on a boat Cruz where you would expect the love of your life to hold you tight and enjoy the Cruz together as you listen to romantic music just as you have always fantasized?

When you finally think that now things might turn out better, the guy who rescued you from the nightmare of being abandoned during the boat Cruz, the guy who carried you every morning during the boot camp, the one who ate with you,  made you laugh that you forgot about the pain of love,  played with you  throughout the boot camp, told you to promise him if you would wait for him for six months chucked you and on asking him why he did so, he told you that “you cannot break what never existed?”

If this God fearing intelligent prince charming who thinks almost like you do , has the same beliefs like you , as in you blend. The one who gives you a good feeling about love again astonishes you with abandonment after a month?

If the only man you have ever truly loved, cared for, given all the attention. Sacrificed for, whose happiness matters more than your own?  Who makes you forget about almost all the pain? The one you still love with all your broken pieces.  You love him no matter how hurting he is, even when he manipulates and black mails you to your face.  You defend him, you protect him from all the hurt when you can, the one you listen to, enjoy looking at and spending time with, generally your first cut, never loved you back?

Well, I would still believe in love r! Even if I were heartbroken a billion times! What about you?