it is high time society realized that these people are not different from us . they are gifted and they can do wonders in this world. Many thanks to those that have come out to act as a voice for the voiceless. we are one in the body of Christ so let us love each other because love always wins!


Born to fully pigmented parents, Gift is a 7 year old girl living with albinism a condition that got her and the mother chased from their home by the father.

He assumed that the wife had had an extra marital relationship resulting in the “abomination’ that was Gift.

With no where to turn, life seemed unbearable for Gift and the mother. Her name became a challenge one may conclude.

However, with the help of Source of the Nile Union for Persons living with Albinism(SNUPA) found in Jinja, Gift has been given a chance to a life that her father thought she would not deserve or be fit to experience. It was her Gift. Gift’s gift.

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