You wake up in the morning

You have two legs

But you are complaining that your legs are tiny

Yet they take you wherever you want

You can jump, dance and do any other thing without any difficulties

But your only issue is how small and bad your legs are

Alright I will understand our ungrateful nature of wanting more

But look here, someone out there has no legs

They are confined in a wheel chair

They can do nothing for themselves

Always depending on people for almost everything

Starting from bathing to the rest

Some have got prosthetic limbs call them artificial limbs

Struggling with them so that they can have a feel of legs

It is so disheartening and devastating to see these individuals struggle through life

Trying so hard to live in what I could call an unfair world.

Having watched Meningitis, an insidious disease, a BBC documentary

I appreciated life like never before

I saw people that acquired their disability from meningitis

Trust me when I say that my heart bled profusely with excruciating pain

This disease does not discriminate;

it attacks anyone regardless of their social class or age

These conditions are unbearable and it breaks my heart that sometimes we do not care

We bypass these people thinking that they are used to the conditions which  is not true

Have we even spent time to interact with them before concluding?

Have we offered anything to them to make their lives better?

They need to feel loved

They need to feel like they fit in and worthy

And it is us to encourage them and let them know that there is a bright future ahead of them

Brighter than they can ever imagine

Let’s keep them optimistic through our actions