Begging is the practice of imploring others to grant a favor often a gift of money with little or no expectation of reciprocation. A person doing this is a beggar

The issue of people on the street has been severally discussed, and there have been efforts to take them away. However, the number of people on the streets seems to increase every day

Over the years, street beggars and street children on Kampala have grown tremendously. Most of these unprivileged people come from upcountry in hope of a better life in the city. But end up on the streets.

The beggars and street children are common on Kampala road, city square and the traffic lights in Wandegeya. They are mainly children aged 3-18, disabled and surprisingly able bodied adults.

There are physically hand capped beggars. Others are mothers who strategically place their children to beg as they monitor from a far. The other group is of young boys and girls aged 10 to 15. These are lone rangers commonly referred to as street children and to compliment begging they engage in petty theft. However, it is rare to find able bodied males on the streets begging.

But why do these people come to the streets?

They believe that Kampala is paradise on earth where everything comes easy and free which is not the case. Some disabled feel sympathetic persons can take pity on them and dole a little money their way.

Many of the street children are either orphans or have run away from home mainly because they are mistreated .Some girls run away because of unwanted pregnancies

First lady Janet Museveni furiously rebuked the Ugandan population which she said was gradually beginning to appreciate street begging as socially acceptable.